the future of web3 is cc0, open-source, and censorship resistant

Web3 is the future we've wanted - a cultural shift in crypto where the community focuses on mass adoption. Given web3 is such an early space, there are many parallels of the dot-com era, where founders in the 90s combined an existing physical business with ".com". Today, many founders combine web2 ideas with a token, a DAO, or NFTs. Where web3 will shine however, is a fundamental shift in how we build the internet.

Web3 is standing on the shoulders of Bitcoin, an open-source, censorship resistance blockchain - so why would web3 have different principles? The future of web3 is cc0, open-source, censorship-resistant, and operated by a DAO. You can derive this line of thinking by asking who enforces terms of service, copyright, and other lawsuits in a global cryptocurrency environment. Many projects today could be better described as web2.5, crypto governed and protected by American law.

To see examples of this future of web3, swing by Loot Project, CrypToadz, and CryptoPhunks [1].

[1] Updated on 11/20/22