elite engineers are the athletes of tomorrow

Elite software engineers today are basketball players convinced by society that the sport can be played by anyone. You can go to your local gym, and get a basketball player to play on your team - so why are the key institutions of Silicon Valley having trouble hiring engineers?

Simply put - software engineering is hard at the elite level, just like basketball. However, the leaders running institutions believe engineering is a lot easier than it seems, and promote the idea that "everyone can code". Well, everyone can be a basketball player too, but it's hard to trust and hire basketball players to be on your NBA team.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, software began to truly eat the world - every company became a web2 company who needs superstar players, severely shocking the supply of talented software engineers. Web3 will shock the supply even more, where an individual contributor (engineer) can make a billion dollars by writing code. If an elite web3 engineer can be a billionaire, that means elite web2 engineers start at least a million a year, ten million for a decent one, just like the elite athletes.

To recap, by 2035, in todays purchasing power:
an elite web2 engineer: compensation starting at $1M for entry level, up to $25M
an elite web3 engineer: compensation up to $1B

Since software is eating the world, the elite engineers make the rules.